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Austin Bryan

Austin Bryan


Austin was born at Pitt County Memorial Hospital on a stormy day in March of 1984, during one of the worst tornadoes in recorded history for Greenville North Carolina. He says it destroyed his home before he was able to do so himself; fortunately, his family wasn't at home as they were waiting impatiently for his birth. Soon after, he learned to walk, and talk, and has been practicing both ever since.

For the past 25 years Austin has worked with technology, including the lowest level of support up to and primarily focused on high level support of servers, communication systems, CRM's, and many other facets of business support. More recently, he attained his real estate license and began working in real estate.

Austin serves as the IT Director for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Treasure, keeping us all safe and sound from a tornado of spammers and hackers.


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